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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not a rhetorical question

What is / are the downside(s) to being underestimated across the many dimensions of self ? *

* ( ..... thus far, I cannot think of any; but I'm open to being persuaded)


  1. I would like to comment but just can't get my mind around 'the many dimensions of self'.
    I can't think of any downsides, like you.

    I enjoy being underestimated. Confusion to the enemy.

  2. Mmm... do you mean all the dimensions are under-estimated? Thinking about it, I suppose they must be, it's inevitable.

  3. I enjoy being underestimated, like Punch above, confusion to the enemy is a plus. Also, i believe there to be someting inherently sublime about being able to surprise somebody. But downside? i have often thought that when one is consistently underestimated, that perhaps your ceiling is lowered. Do you know what I mean?

  4. Hmmm . . . might depend on if you see the self as a separate entity -- separate from others -- and the degree to which you wish to be known?

  5. Punch and Seventyniner--- i like the confusion to the enemy.... i definitely share that sentiment. I suppose the lowered ceiling might be a factor if there was no meta-knowledge of the situation, but if one is counting on being underestimated, then the lowered ceiling is less of a risk.... at least that's how i would approach that dilemma
    FF-- good point.... and i guess it might also depend on how much people want to bother getting past the easy or convenient interpretations
    Dave--also a good point.... but i think i agree that there is a tendency to globalize if assumptions are the operative strategy....

    thanks, y'all for these great comments to this question I was rolling around in my head on a Sunday night

  6. None, is not a loss for you, is for the others, because they loose to apreciate what might be indeed a wonderfull thing (all true aspects and sides of human beings are interesting), just for having predjudices.

  7. I think it depends on who is doing the underestimating...if it someone else doing it then the downsides is they lack respect and fail to see greater possibilities in you.

    If it is the self under estimating the being the downside is that you fail to see the greater possibility within the being of your self.

  8. I suspect when you realise that the underestimations are entirely accurate.

  9. Madame--- good one!! a definite downside.
    WM-- nicely done--- sage comments on both sides of it.
    Mariana--- the loss to others of potential that might have been helpful.... that is also a wonderful point to ponder.

  10. The downside is that by caring, we empower the underestimators. Fuck 'em. ;]