Dying/broken/forgiven.... now I begin

Born: 17-06-56....gemini.... monkey
re-born: 3-09-80
born again\found: 14-04-08
other notable dates: 10-03-68; 03-09-87; 23-03-96;
1-05-98; 31-01-02; 5-04-04

Interests: movement, stressed/transgressive embodiment, lived experience (body\space\time\relation)
expression ( word, dance, text, image, story, music, poetics)
learning, yielding......

Hopes for the blog:
offer up the wild intersectedness of lived experience and engage others in creative, expressive, perhaps irreverant, hopefully playful, and respectful encounters....
enact kindness
create moments of pause for disclosure, discovery, stillness

Thursday, July 16, 2009


here is this gift
give to me
the chance to write stories
about lives so real
as to be unbelievable
how it is
that strings can vibrate
until they disjoin
the sweetest songs
are hovering
just out of reach
a restless rationality
longs for trembling
rainfall sighs against
a thousand blades of grass
or one
raindrop clings
like a fragile wish
leans into a hopeful sway
gives rise
to almost
unbearable tenderness
dwells in asking
for the chance
to write stories
you give me
you give me
you give


  1. beautiful post... brings breath as I read...

    thank you

  2. Well spoken to a true poet from a true poet Harlequin.

  3. Very well written, indeed.
    It is great cause it shows the amplitude of options and things life can provide, with just a very small sample of the options you have.
    Why preposterous? its life

  4. Beautiful. Achingly beautiful. I love this one.

  5. Jon- thanks for this lovely comment; I often hope that the words I put together work in ways I am not aware of in their making.... yet, I know as well that these ongoing attempts at expression -- and those who speak/write them, carry more than they can know in those moments of moving feelings to words...

    Wm-- you flatter me! and I am delighted that you see a tribute here... thank you for the kind words which I know you do not use casually

    Mariana... of course... it is life... this wonderful ebb and flow.

    Linda-- thanks for the kind words; I am so glad that these sentiments in my writing manage to seep through...

  6. so on with the story then eh?

    can't wait to see what you have to say...

    heads up folks... here comes a writer...

  7. Jon-- yes, indeed... on with the story; and you know that I could not do better than the traveling companion who will be accompanying me...
    I also look forward to what it is I will say... the path laid down in the walking. Your words touch my heart... you honor me.
    I will write... I am writing...this is such a gift.

  8. W/rite on, old souls, across the thousand blades of grass and dandelion flights. These are wonderful gifts. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Anon Andon... your appreciation of the writing and souls is so heartening...thanks for the thoughtful and supportive sentiments.