Dying/broken/forgiven.... now I begin

Born: 17-06-56....gemini.... monkey
re-born: 3-09-80
born again\found: 14-04-08
other notable dates: 10-03-68; 03-09-87; 23-03-96;
1-05-98; 31-01-02; 5-04-04

Interests: movement, stressed/transgressive embodiment, lived experience (body\space\time\relation)
expression ( word, dance, text, image, story, music, poetics)
learning, yielding......

Hopes for the blog:
offer up the wild intersectedness of lived experience and engage others in creative, expressive, perhaps irreverant, hopefully playful, and respectful encounters....
enact kindness
create moments of pause for disclosure, discovery, stillness

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eye of the beholder haiku

white wings settling
among red leaves branches sway
blossoms become birds


  1. a strikingly lovely painting of Japaneses Egrets on a card catches my eye and i buy it knowing it is the kind of card i delight in sending to my son; i write this haiku because i could not look at the image and not feel this uncanny shifting in perspective; i send the card and the poem to my son for many reasons, but one being that he continually encourages me to dwell in poetic expression. i am more grateful than i can say for the gifts that such dwelling bestows, and, of course, for the gift of my son.

  2. "blossoms become birds"
    and fly across your words

  3. Pisces-- i wish you could have seen the image....it was lovely; thanks for your kind words.

  4. your blog brings a peaceful settling.

  5. punch-- well, thanks for that nice sentiment. much appreciated.